On our morning grateful walk,
I choose to rise with the sun
by allowing my heart to seek beauty around me and within me.
If my mind wanders to the past,
I look back with gratitude for the wisdom acquired.
If my mind reaches for the future,
I look forward in faith.
When I stay in the moment,
I thank Bella for being my joyful companion,
the music of the waves for calming my heart,
the birds for reminding me to let my soul soar,
and the rays of light
for reminding me
that the light within me has transformed my darkest fears that knocked me down
Into the wisdom that allowed me to rise up.

May today you remember that no matter
what darkness has challenged your life,
your light within will breakthrough
and you will rise again
shining and soaring
in the great mystery of life.
-Jenny and Bella

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