Frequently Asked Questions

Pets in Key West

  • What are the Best Dog Parks in Key West?

    Higgs Beach Dog Park 

    Higgs Beach Dog Park on Atlantic Blvd has 2 fully enclosed play areas with unlimited fresh water for pups. Across the street, you can take a wonderful leashed walk on Knight Pier (White St Pier) & Higgs Beach for a great oceanfront scenery.






    Dog Beach 🐶

    Dog Beach

    Dog Beach is next to Louie’s Backyard on Vernon Street. It’s the only dog-friendly public beach where dogs can swim & play. The area is small, but for “water dogs” it’s paradise. BYO fresh water for your pup.


  • Havana Day Trip

    Do I need advanced reservations? Absolutely. This is a very popular, small group excursion with very limited availability. Booking as far in advance as possible is recommended.

    Do I need a passport to go to Cuba? Yes, this is a requirement.

    How long is the day trip to Havana? Check-in is at 7 am. You will arrive in Havana at approximately 8:50 am. You will return to Key West airport and through US Customs between 6pm-7pm. 

    Can I go any day of the week on the Day Trip to Havana? No, Havana Day Trips depart on Tuesdays & Fridays only. You can inquire about private Havana Day Trips, which fly most week days, depending on availability.

    What’s included in the Havana Day Trip? An amazing day full of rich culture & history. Airfare, Visa & all required documentation, all transportation, private guide in Cuba, entry to all museums & points of interest, all US & Cuban government taxes, lunch & drinks.

    Are there any additional fees or costs beyond the $1195 trip cost? No, the Havana Day Trip is an all-inclusive trip. There will be no additional costs.

    How many seats are there on the airplane? We have two aircraft, a 5 passenger & a 10 passenger plane. The size of the plane is determined by the amount of passengers on the trip.

    Is there a passenger weight limit on the airplane? No, there is not a weight limit per se, but there is a size consideration. The aircraft are small, so if you require additional space, please purchase an additional seat. Additional seats would be sold at the full ticket purchase price.

    What time is check-in for the Havana Day Trip? 7:00 am sharp. Please do not be late.

    Where do we check in at the Key West airport? Signature Flight Support, private terminal building at the Key West Airport. 3471 S Roosevelt Blvd, Key West, FL 33040 Map & Directions

    Where do we park at the Key West Airport? Driving Directions: Turn into the main entrance of Key West International Airport. At the first stop sign, stay on the ground level towards arrivals. Drive under two walkways.

    Parking a car: follow the signs to Short Term Parking. From the parking lot, look for the old control tower. The private terminal building is located just to the right and past the old control tower. The Signature Flight Support logo will be found on the outside of the building.

    Dropping off: as you drive under the second walkway, get in the right lane and drive straight past the regular baggage claim and stop at the old control tower. The Signature Flight Support private terminal building is located just to the right and past the old control tower. The Signature Flight Support logo will be found on the outside of the building.

    What’s the weather like in Havana? Very similar to Key West temperatures. In the city, it can feel hotter. The summer months are warm & humid.

    What should I wear on the trip? Loose fitting, breathable fabrics, closed-toe shoes, hat, & sunscreen. A small umbrella can be helpful during the warmer months for shade.

    Will I need to exchange US dollars for the local currency while in Cuba? Right now, you can use US dollars.

    Can I bring my cellphone to Havana? Yes, but cell service may be limited to none. Great for taking photos during your trip.

    Can I bring snacks and drinks on the trip? You can bring prepackaged foods that are sealed. Please, no fruits, vegetables, or beverages. Water will be provided for you. You can purchase additional beverages throughout the day.

    Can I bring back cigars & rum from Cuba? NO. US Customs does not allow the import of any tobacco or alcohol from Cuba. But you can enjoy them during your Day Trip to Havana.

    What is the cancelation policy? Cancelations and rebookings incur a 15% cancelation/rebooking fee. Cancelations must be confirmed at least 7 days prior to departure to receive a partial refund. Cancelations confirmed less than 7 days prior to departure will not receive a refund.

    NO-SHOWS WILL BE CHARGED THE FULL EXCURSION FARE. Please be on-time for your scheduled trip. Check in is required at 7:00 am. Late arrivals are subject to cancelation without refund.

    Online bookings are charged a booking fee by Fareharbor Reservation System. When canceling an Online Booking, the booking fee portion is non-refundable.

    Is there any reason this trip may be canceled? The Havana Day Trip requires a minimum of 4 paying passengers to embark, if the airline does not have the required minimum number of passengers, the flight will be canceled, and you will be given the option to reschedule your trip or receive a refund of the ticket price. You may reschedule your Havana Day Trip excursion for a future date within 12 months from your initial booking date. Cancelations due to weather or maintenance or other unforeseen circumstances are at the sole discretion of the pilot & airline for your safety. If the operator cancels the flight, you will be given the option to reschedule your trip or receive a refund of the ticket price. You may reschedule your Havana Day Trip excursion for a future date within 12 months from your initial booking date.





Vacation Specials

  • General Vacation Package Questions

    Do you make my airline flights, or do I? You would make plans for arriving in Key West. Once you fly or drive in, we will advise you on all things Key West.

    Do the packages include food & drinks? No, but we can make recommendations & reservations for great restaurants in Key West.

    Does the package price include taxes & fees? Yes, the package includes taxes & fees. All add-ons will be subject to additional costs.

    Are the Vacation Packages priced per person? No, all packages are initially priced for 2 people. But if your group exceeds 2, we can add additional accommodations, transportation, & activity tickets. Many accommodations allow for more guests with no additional cost. We can add on to any package to meet your group size and needs.

    Can I stay longer than your standard 3-Night Vacation Packages? Absolutely, you can. We can modify all vacation packages to meet your needs. Just ask.

    Can I upgrade the lodging option to an Ocean View room? Absolutely, you can. Your package will be customized to your requests, and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

    Do your vacation packages offer vacation rentals? Yes, we have lots of options. Using your budget, we will find the perfect lodging for you, and the package price will be adjusted accordingly.

    What’s the cancelation policy for your vacation policy? Our vacation packages are subject to variable cancelation policies dictated by lodging providers. Our standard cancelation policy is below:
    Policies: You have a 24-hour grace period after your vacation package purchase to seek a full refund. After the 24-hour grace period expires, you are entitled to a refund, minus 10% of the total charges, up to 45 days prior to your arrival date. No refunds will be granted after the 45-day cancelation period. We recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances that may lead to your need to cancel your vacation package. Groceries, alcohol, flowers, all perishables and any other specialty provisioned items are non-refundable.

Key West Transportation

  • General Transportation

    Do I need transportation while I’m in Key West? Yes! You’ll want to have transportation while you’re in Key West to make your experience more fun and enjoyable.

    Is it better to have a bike, scooter or golf cart while on vacation in Key West?  The answer depends on where you’re staying. If you’re staying on Roosevelt Blvd or Atlantic Blvd, a golf cart would be the best option to get you into Old Town and all the fun areas around town. You will need to park a golf cart in a regular parking space like a car. There are many parking lots throughout Old Town. If you’re staying in Old Town, a bike or scooter work really well. There are many bike racks and scooter designated parking spaces.

    How far is the airport to Duval Street? The airport to mid-Duval Street is approximately 3.9 miles. This is about a 13-minute car ride.

    Does Key West have Uber & Lyft? Yes, Key West has both Uber & Lyft.

    How much does an Uber cost to go from the airport to Old Town, Key West? It cost approximately $22 depending on the exact location


  • Key West Golf Cart Rentals

    Why are golf cart rentals the best choice for transportation in Key West? Since Key West has a lot more to see than just Duval Street. Having a fun and safe way to get around to all the best spots will provide additional opportunities for fun. There are beaches & parks for swimming & snorkeling, restaurants & bars, museums and historic houses, and the popular Southernmost Point. Because some point of interest are close, but others are spread out on the island, walking around the island to see everything can be very challenging when it’s hot outside. So, if you want to see as much as you can without wearing yourself out, rent a golf cart.

    Can golf carts really be fun and safe? Absolutely! When cruisin’ around with your family and friends to check out ALL the best spots, you’ll really enjoy having the shade from the canopy and feeling the salty breeze. Additionally, riding in a golf cart makes sightseeing much easier because you have more visual area than riding in a car. The best part is that golf carts are easy to drive, and are street legal with all the required safety additions. They’re safer for families who want to travel together than bikes, and the best way to get around for those who have mobility issues.

    Where should I go on a golf cart? Some of my favorite spots to take a golf cart ride to are Ft Zachary Taylor State Park to enjoy the view of the historic Key West Harbor, Higgs Beach Park for snorkeling off the beach, and Salute on the Beach! for lunch and a glass of wine. I have a lot more special spots that I can share with you, depending on your interests.  😎

    Can I get a Golf Cart rental at the Key West Airport? No, there are no golf cart rentals available at the airport. However, if you give us a call 305-290-2049 we have a service that will pick you up at the airport and bring you to the golf cart rental area.

    Where can I rent a golf cart? Directly from me, a local in Key West. Let me set up the perfect rental for you and your group. My free concierge service is available to anyone and there are no hidden fees. Golf cart rentals are available in gas & electric versions, and can come with 4, 6 or 8 seats. Additionally, you can rent golf carts for 3, 5, 8 hours or daily and it will also include Free Delivery!

    Call direct for best rates or more information, 305-290-2049.

    Looking for more recommendations or help to plan your Key West vacation?
    Use our FREE Key West Vacation Planner:

    To reserve your golf cart, click here:


Key West Weather, Environment, & Directions

  • Key West Weather

    What’s the weather like in Key West? Beautiful! In Summer, the temperature is an average 89 degrees during the day to 80 at night. It can be humid with a slight breeze. The ocean temperature is an average of 85 degrees. These temperatures make for ideal water based activities where the water is crystal clear, warm and calm. In winter, the temperature is an average 75 degrees during the day to 68 at night. The ocean temperature is on average 74 degrees. These ideal temperatures attract many visitors in the winter months to enjoy a variety of activities on land and sea. 

OKW Business Practices

  • How long has OKW been in business?

    We have been providing Free Concierge Services in Key West since 2007

  • Is the Concierge Service Really Free?

    Absolutely! Our Premium Concierge Call Center Service is complimentary and free of charge. We do charge for provisioning, deliveries, special events and Luxe Concierge Services.

  • Is OKW a franchise?

    No 🙂 We are a homegrown local, family owned business.

  • How long has OKW been in business?

    We have been providing Free Concierge Services in Key West since 2007